Author: Alexa Chryssovergis

I'm a sophomore studying journalism at Indiana University. My passions include graphic design, narrative journalism, newspapers and books, cats, reading and Chipotle. All I really want in my life is to travel and to share people's stories.

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — At the school in Magherafelt, about 30 miles outside of Belfast, they pushed the kids to embrace their identities and traditions, determined to overcome a history of conflict that has kept Catholics and Protestants divided and alienated from one another. Then one boy brought sheep to school. In full farmer gear, […]

There’s no greater joy for someone with a gluten intolerance than this, I thought to myself as shoveled a huge bite of my shepherd’s pie into my mouth. I’m referring to the joy of entering a random restaurant and discovering that there are more gluten-free options to choose from than merely salad. There’s even greater […]