Author: Audrey Deiser

Audrey Deiser is a junior at Indiana University pursuing a degree in The Media School. Her major is Journalism with a concentration in News Writing and Editing and specializations in video journalism and public relations. She is also working towards a minor in Political Science. After university, she plans to work in politics as a media liaison for a governmental department or politician. Audrey is from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and wants to stay somewhere Midwest – unless the pull from D.C. becomes too strong. She enjoys working in media because she gets to interact with people to share their stories.

Father Gerard Tanham, 72, tugged at the neckband of his black shirt. Only a sliver of his white priest’s collar peeked through. He doesn’t remember when he started hiding it.
He does remember a December concert at the parish school where he was blocking a child’s view.
“I asked if I should move, and his mother said ‘Oh it’s all right, Father. If he can’t see, he’ll just sit on your knee.’”
Her husband exploded, hurling epithets for the whole room to hear.
“I didn’t say anything,” Tanham recalled, his eyes wet and his voice thick.
The night was ruined. Responding was pointless.

Maynooth University, located outside Dublin, is the fastest growing university in Ireland. The school website boasts beautiful chapels and “world-class research laboratories.” But underneath the vaulted ceilings and within the storied halls of Maynooth University lies a dark story ripe for telling.