Author: Taylor Telford

Taylor Telford is a future vagabond and storyteller hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio.

She is currently a freshman in the Ernie Pyle Scholars program at Indiana University. She is passionate about Spanish language and culture, and is double majoring in Journalism and Spanish language, with a minor in Latino Studies. With a deep interest in enterprise journalism, she hopes to capitalize on her restless spirit and wanderlust by becoming a writer and photojournalist for National Geographic.

In her free time, Taylor enjoys pushing her personal boundaries through rock climbing and distance running. She is currently training to run her first ultra-marathon in the fall of 2015. Additionally, she is a passionate bibliophile and favors the work of Jonathan Franzen and David Foster Wallace.

CHICAGO — Old St. Patrick’s Church was built by Irish hands and sustained by Irish souls. Their stories and traditions are sewn into every detail of the place, in the intricate, looping Celtic knots that arc over the altar and the Irish saints that look down on the pews. When the church was constructed in […]