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DUBLIN – Summayah Kenna has headed the public relations department of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, or ICCI, for over 20 years. From 1980 until 1991, she lived under Muammar Gaddafi’s dictatorship in Benghazi, Libya, volunteering as a social worker while raising three children. In the late 1970s, she converted to Islam in secret […]

Brown curls flouncing, one hand gripping her tiny waist, the other poised on a Win, Lose or Drag spinning wheel, Miss Bunny O’Hare confided to the audience of the George in a dulcet tone, “I’m just a bad Protestant.”  Instantly, the plaid, leather, and denim-bedecked collective became her confessors – a kind of democratized confessional, […]

Father Gerard Tanham, 72, tugged at the neckband of his black shirt. Only a sliver of his white priest’s collar peeked through. He doesn’t remember when he started hiding it.
He does remember a December concert at the parish school where he was blocking a child’s view.
“I asked if I should move, and his mother said ‘Oh it’s all right, Father. If he can’t see, he’ll just sit on your knee.’”
Her husband exploded, hurling epithets for the whole room to hear.
“I didn’t say anything,” Tanham recalled, his eyes wet and his voice thick.
The night was ruined. Responding was pointless.

CASTLEBLAYNEY — At a recent cattle auction in Castleblayney, an Irish Republic town of 3,600 people near the border of Northern Ireland, Connell Nugent stepped onto the auctioneer’s block as he and his father before him have for decades. He sat behind a wooden desk worn down by decades of gaveling, welcomed the crowd and launched […]