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DUBLIN – Images and monuments of Celtic crosses, angels smiting devils, the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ cover the tombs and headstones of Glasnevin Cemetery. Victims and rebels of the 1916 Easter Rising lie peacefully under the earth, their fighting over Irish independence behind them, and Catholics and Protestants lie together at rest. In less […]

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — At the school in Magherafelt, about 30 miles outside of Belfast, they pushed the kids to embrace their identities and traditions, determined to overcome a history of conflict that has kept Catholics and Protestants divided and alienated from one another. Then one boy brought sheep to school. In full farmer gear, […]

DUBLIN – Mary Smith stopped talking, leaned over and rolled up her right pant leg to reveal evidence of the suffering of her youth. “Look,” she said. On her kneecap were twin divots, shaped in the bone by years of waxing, scrubbing and atoning for her sins in Ireland’s network of reformatory institutions. As a […]

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — Brexit has sparked a scramble for Irish passports by British citizens desperate to avoid eviction from the European Union, and Cahal McLaughlin’s family is no exception. “My three children were born and raised in the London area to a British mother and all three have a British passport,” said McLaughlin, a […]