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After arriving in Dublin at 5:30 a.m., meeting the president of Ireland and enjoying tea at his official residence, Áras an Uachtaráin, and exploring a small seaside town, we decided to do the sensible thing: Take a hike! We spent several hours meandering up a winding trail in Crone Woods, which is part of a […]

DUBLIN –– Narrow streets are lined with traditional Irish pubs, each with Guinness on tap and fish ‘n’ chips in the fryer. With St. Patrick’s Day just days away, shamrock-clad tourists spill out of classic spots like the famous Temple Bar and O’Donoghue’s Pub. It’s a stereotypical portrait of Dublin, and in many ways it’s […]

BELFAST — The first thing to greet us in the Belfast train station was a large, white mental health awareness billboard asking “Are you Ok?” It was a significant departure from the kitschy green billboards that welcomed us to Dublin. Evidence of Belfast’s post-Troubles suicide epidemic that has claimed nearly 300 lives, this billboard was […]

DUBLIN — If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I love public transportation. And in European cities like Dublin, Ireland, there’s always a tram or quick bus to whisk me around. While Dublin has an extensive light rail and bus system, I can say in the several days I’ve been here, […]

BELFAST — Our tour guide had already alluded to his time in prison when I turned from looking at a wall of murals to find him introducing our group to his old cellmate. They’d served time together in the early 1980s, and now the cellmate was a tour guide, too. They threw their arms around […]

There’s no greater joy for someone with a gluten intolerance than this, I thought to myself as shoveled a huge bite of my shepherd’s pie into my mouth. I’m referring to the joy of entering a random restaurant and discovering that there are more gluten-free options to choose from than merely salad. There’s even greater […]

DUBLIN— Entrances were blocked and buildings were occupied as protests rang out across the campus at Trinity College starting around 8:50 a.m. Tuesday, March 13th. The school board voted two weeks ago to implement a 450 euro fee for retaking exams, which resulted in campuswide student protests. Trinity students began to organize protests that shut […]

Did you know that mushrooms can double in size in 24 hours? Or that a mushroom is the closest plant to a human genetically? How about the fact that mycelium is the largest living organism in the world? We learned all this from Gerry Reilly, owner of Reilly Mushrooms, a farm in Ireland’s County Westmeath […]

As a student of journalism, it’s my learning objective and professional goal to report as truthfully and as neutrally as I can. But we all have our biases and preconceptions. What intuition doesn’t tell you about journalists, and something that I’ve been growing more comfortable with over my four years at the Media School, is […]

CASTLEBLAYNEY – Castleblayney is a quaint town just shy of the Republic of Ireland’s border with Northern Ireland. The hospitality and kind nature of the locals is reminiscent of the famed southern hospitality of the United States. Passers-by greet you with a smile and sometimes invite complete strangers to an afternoon of tea and biscuits. […]

DUBLIN —  “We all come from somewhere.” Those words, emblazoned in illuminated letters, mark the entrance into EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, an interactive collection of galleries that document the experiences and legacies of the more than 10 million people who emigrated from Ireland since the 1800s. According to EPIC, some 70 million people worldwide […]

Irish president Michael D. Higgins is an IU alumnus.

Maynooth University, located outside Dublin, is the fastest growing university in Ireland. The school website boasts beautiful chapels and “world-class research laboratories.” But underneath the vaulted ceilings and within the storied halls of Maynooth University lies a dark story ripe for telling.

CHICAGO — Old St. Patrick’s Church was built by Irish hands and sustained by Irish souls. Their stories and traditions are sewn into every detail of the place, in the intricate, looping Celtic knots that arc over the altar and the Irish saints that look down on the pews. When the church was constructed in […]