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Lillian Casillas-Origel speaks on life, immigration, and La Casa Cultural Center

November 7th, 2019

In an empty conference room of La Casa Cultural Center sitting in front of a student-painted mural of Mexico and other Latino countries, the Director of La Casa Cultural Center, Lillian Casillas-Origel got sentimental explaining her experiences immigrating to the United States.

“It was part of what my parents were trying to do – provide a better opportunity for us, the kids.” she said, “I got better opportunities.”

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Finding diversity on campus is easier than reporting on it.

November 6th, 2019

Writing the Person On the Street (POS) story was a great experience. To better understand my story I need to mention the struggles I had with interviews and technical issues.

Firstly, I struggled with approaching strangers, which later on got easier. It became natural the more mini-interviews I did.

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Culture trumps diversity.

November 5th, 2019

The city is not that diverse according to Bloomington residents interviewed on Oct. 5, 2019, on North Jordan Ave. and South Dunn St. in Bloomington.

All felt that the city could be more diverse but regardless has grown into a safe place for people of color.

“I’m from a predominately white town close to Cincinnati so Bloomington is the first place I’ve been that has diversity.”

Stephanie Stoops, 21, Cincinnati, Ohio


“I’m from a predominately white town close to Cincinnati so Bloomington is the first place I’ve been that has diversity,” said Stephanie Stoops, 21-year-old from Cincinnati, […]

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On the Beat – Community & Culture

October 15th, 2019


Sept 15, 2019

Jana Wilson, Bloom Magazine

Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off in Bloomington on Sept. 15 with the Fiesta del Otono, a celebration held every fall celebrating heritage within the Latin culture. Events and programs will start late September and continue through October.

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Bio: Carolina Castro

Carolina Castro
Carolina Castro is a senior at IU studying Public Relations. She has worked as a sales associate in Retail for nearly five years. In 2008 Carolina moved from her home country of Mexico to pursue an education in the United States. The experience of learning a new language showed her one of her greatest loves; writing. Carolina enjoys writing, reading, and analyzing. These hobbies have carried her on to own her skills within the English writing and communication in the Journalism and Public Relations world. She hopes to work in her field out of college in a diverse new city.