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LGBTQ community unfazed by hate group at Bloomington Farmer’s Market

December 5th, 2019

Opening his phone in August of 2019, Lane Wolf read a story on the IDS about fliers promoting a white supremist group in Bloomington. Wolf, a nonbinary 21-year-old from Larwill, IN, began performing drag in 2017 during his freshman year of college. He now prepared to return to the city as a junior knowing a hate group existed that wanted LGBTQ residents like him out. Instead of feeling Intimidated, Wolf found the fliers absurd.

“It’s ridiculous to be spouting such rhetoric in 2019, but some people don’t seem to be able to educate themselves,” He said.

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Isabel Perry, Fortune 500 executive turned Kappa Kappa Gamma house mom, inspires young women

November 7th, 2019

In 1980, Isabel Perry was the only woman in her company holding an executive position—the company was one of the top 50 corporations in America.

Perry, a 68-year-old house mom for Kappa Kappa Gamma, KKG, at IU, began her own business as a junior in college. By the age of 30, she worked as Executive Head of Environmental Health and Safety for Pratt and Whitney Engines, a Fortune 500 company. She now uses her 40 years of business experience to inspire young women to be successful.

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Bloomington locals excited to help student journalist find solutions for music diversity

November 6th, 2019

Walking down Kirkwood with a camera and microphone asking locals questions gave me more insight on Bloomington than the past three years as a student at IU.
I interviewed four different strangers on the topic of music diversity in Bloomington over the course of two days. I learned that locals don’t like to be interviewed, and most interviewees agree Bloomington’s music is diverse considering the city’s size and location.

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Bloomington residents say local action is answer to increasing music diversity

November 1st, 2019

For a small city, Bloomington excels in music diversity, according to four locals interviewed throughout the area. However, they said it still generally lags behind when it comes to larger cities.

The solution lies in getting a higher demand for diverse artists, according to Stephen Benard, a 38-year-old sociology professor and Bloomington resident. The more residents who want to attend those shows, the more promoters and venues around town will bring in those acts.

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On the Beat – Community & Culture

October 15th, 2019


Sept. 7, 2019

Jana Wilson, Bloom Magazine

Bloomington honors the various organizations that represent the Hispanic community. They offer events such as the 14th annual Fiesta del Otoño with a keynote address by Dolores Huerta. Her work fueled the creation of the United Farm Workers.

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Bio: Claire Robidoux

Claire Robidoux
Claire Robidoux is a junior at IU majoring in journalism with a specialization in photojournalism and a minor in law and public policy. This past summer she had the opportunity to Intern with the Louisiana Secretary of State and Lieutenant Governor’s offices, which prompted her interest in politics and law. In her free time, she likes to listen to music, hike, cook, read, and travel. She believes traveling and meeting new people teaches you more about the world than any lesson taught in a classroom. After college she hopes to move back to California to pursue a law degree and one day practice First Amendment law.