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Local businesses forced to relocate by Monroe Convention Center expansion

December 5th, 2019 No comments

My Sister’s Closet volunteer Laura Gottlieb is worried about what a forced relocation could do to the non-profit and the low-income women that rely on the store for help. With city-county plans to expand the Monroe County Convention Center, some businesses nearby are required to search for new locations

“I’m concerned that could have a negative impact,” she said. “I’m hoping that we’ll find a place that is a really good location, and hopefully it will not affect the women that we serve.”

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My Sister’s Closet director Sandy Keller aims to help those in need in Bloomington

November 7th, 2019 No comments

Sandy Keller stood among rows of full clothing racks in her store, My Sister’s Closet, while a table full of jewelry sparkled beside her. But among the colors and clothes, inspirational quotes decorated the walls – encouraging women to pursue success and overcome obstacles.

Keller hadn’t imagined herself running a non-profit, but she committed all her time to managing this store, whether or not it was the right time in her life to do so.

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Bloomington residents don’t know much about city’s panhandling signs

November 6th, 2019 No comments

I dreaded this assignment the second it was mentioned in class. Although I never let it get in my way, interviewing strangers always makes me feel anxious – and that’s when I have done my research and it is a scheduled, planned out interview. The thought of stopping random Bloomington residents on the street in an unorganized interview sounded uncomfortable.

I chose a topic that I thought the Bloomington community would – at the least – know something about; however, I was unpleasantly surprised when most people I stopped to interview had no idea about the panhandling signs on East Kirkwood Avenue, even though three of my interviews took place next to the signs on Kirkwood.

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Bloomington residents have differing views on the city’s panhandling solution

November 1st, 2019 No comments

Bloomington residents are split regarding Bloomington’s attempt to stop panhandling and the city’s efforts to help the homeless community, according to four informal interviews on East Kirkwood Avenue and near East Law Lane on Sept. 29, 2019.

All but one said they were unfamiliar with the signs that Bloomington has placed along Kirkwood that recommend individuals don’t contribute to panhandlers in downtown Bloomington. They were all unfamiliar with the regulations that Bloomington has on panhandling, even 24-year-old Alena Bargo.

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