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Homelessness In Bloomington May Not Be As Large Of An Issue If Homeless Shelters Allowed Animals

April 18th, 2019

A Bloomington resident, often homeless, owns a dog the Bloomington Animal Shelter knows well. Recently the dog’s owner had a hard time caring for the both of them. The shelter had to decide whether they were willing to take this dog in until its owner could get back on his feet, or whether they would turn a blind eye.

According to the US National Library of Medicine and the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, as many as 25% of the roughly 500,000 homeless individuals in the U.S. own a pet. A 2012 study by the US National Library of Medicine found that those within the homeless population in possession of an animal find their companions serve as major sources of emotional support, decreased social isolation, motivation and protection.

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Bloomington Animal Shelter’s Virgil Sauder Works Toward Securing The Welfare of Animals

April 2nd, 2019

ON the outskirts of Chicago lies a forest preserve where an animal shelter employee Virgil Sauder noticed a homeless individual and his Jack Russell Terrier called home in 2005. The dog, happy, healthy and socialized, would catch a ride in his owner’s backpack while the two regularly visited the animal shelter for dog food. After, the man would watch the two turn around and return to their home in the preserve.

“That was kinda the ‘ah-ha’ moment for me that, yeah, it’s more than just kind of what we think of as secure middle class people—the animal bond—it’s more than that,” Sauder said.

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How To Interview A Stranger When No One Is Willing To Talk

March 28th, 2019

ON February 15, I walked the streets of Bloomington, Indiana to find interviewees on the topic of Animal Advocacy.

I meandered the city for an hour, approaching each individual I found stopped on the sidewalk, hoping they would pause their activity to answer four questions.

For the first 30 minutes no one wished to speak with me, insisting they had places to be and things to do. I attempted to speak with students, older civilians, even some who looked to be in grade school, but no one showed interest in entertaining my questions.

By this point, I had […]

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March 26th, 2019

BLOOMINGTON residents pose similar opinions on the city’s efforts to ensure the welfare and safety of its domestic animal life.

Bloomington should be funneling more time, energy and money into the safety and care of the animals living in the city. While facilities for animal welfare within the city are in place, locals believe the system should and can be better.

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On the Beat – Community & Culture

February 21st, 2019


February 6, 2019
Christine Stephenson, Indiana Daily Student

The Monroe County Humane Association is opening a new, larger facility in 2020. The association hopes the new location will create a more functional environment for the high demand of their services.

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Bio: Devon Buenaga

Devon Buenaga
Devon Buenaga is a senior at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) with a major in journalism and a minor in animal behavior. She loves American Sign Language (ASL) and plans to take all four levels of ASL offered at IUB. Devon hopes she can one day fuse her studies in journalism and animal behavior to work for National Geographic—or a similar organization—while also incorporating ASL into her professional life. Recently joining IUB's school newspaper team, the Indiana Daily Student, she looks forward to becoming a feature writer. Devon writes, paints and attends concerts in her free time.