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Occult practitioners in Bloomington combat stereotypes and discrimination

April 18th, 2019

Taylor True, a staff member at Sunrise Hive, greets each patron with the same genuine smile and kind, welcoming words. Soft yellow lights fill the space with a serene ambiance as faint classic rock tunes fill the air. Pentacles, tarot decks, crystals, books, candles, and small caldrons are just a few items on the shelves, beckoning curious shoppers.

Some, however, doubt and question the practices the store represents.

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Hudsucker Posse leader Paula Chambers influences Bloomington’s flow arts community

April 2nd, 2019

Paula Chambers has learned to strengthen her body, mind, and community ties practicing flow arts. She shares her art and performance-based knowledge to others who are willing to learn.

“When I was 42, so 10 years ago, I discovered hooping,” she said. “That’s when we started the Hardsucker Posse and started having the flow arts jams here twice a week, in Bryan Park. We’ve done that pretty much consistently ever since 2009.”

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Interviewing Bloomington locals harder than expected

March 28th, 2019

I began my search for interviewees in the only place I hoped would attract the most tolerant, artsy crowd on a Tuesday evening: Soma Coffee on Kirkwood Avenue.

The iconic limestone manor homes not only Soma Coffee, but Laughing Planet Cafe, Moon Stones, TD’s CD’s & LP’s, and other various shops.

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Bloomington locals have appreciation for art

March 26th, 2019

Artful expression in Bloomington has an overall positive impact on quality of life, according to four informal interviews on Kirkwood Avenue on Feb. 12.   

Their appreciation of various art forms differed, but they agreed the art found in Bloomington has provided beneficial influences and thoughtful analysis.

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On the Beat – Arts & Entertainment

February 21st, 2019


Jan. 29, 2018

Amy Russo,  Huffington Post

Bloomington’s diversity in art and entertainment gives residents new things to do, see, and discuss with community members.

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Bio: Sophia Hochstetler

Sophia Hochstetler
Sophia Hochstetler is a junior at Indiana University majoring in journalism, and minoring in dance. After graduating next year, she hopes to apply her previous work experience with various music festivals to write in the music industry, or for a musical artist doing public relations. Sophia is interested in different types of music, and aspires to turn one of her passions into a career. She prides herself in being a hard worker, and quick learner. Sophia is eager to test ideas that are outside the box as well.