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IU grad moves back to Bloomington to open his own business

April 2nd, 2019

SLCT Stock has just recently celebrated the one-year anniversary and renewed the lease for another two years. With such success with the store in Bloomington, Nick Ayala said he is planning to open another store in Boulder.

Ayala’s dressed in a graphic old t-shirt with jeans sits at the counter crunching numbers on his laptop. The sticker displayed reads  “SLCT Stock,” which stands for Sneakers, Lifestyle, Clothing and Treasures, the shop he opened last year.

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Interviewing strangers can be a challenging but yet rewarding experience

March 28th, 2019

From the moment I found out I had to interview strangers on the street for this assignment, my heart began to race. I know that I am friendly and social at most times, but I felt uncomfortable having to track people down on the street and bother them for a favor. I have completed my fair share of interviews before, but asking locals about how they travel around Bloomington seemed daunting.

At first, I was anxious to ask four strangers to stop and speak with me in order to get the answers I needed. I thought that Bloomington residents may have a strong opinion about the transportation system because I constantly see people waiting around for buses and trying to find parking spots around town. Sadly, more people looked at me like I was stupid rather than as an investigative reporter trying to get opinions.

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Bloomington residents have concerns about the transportation system

March 26th, 2019

Bloomington residents agreed that they have been forced to find other means of transportation to meet their everyday needs, since Bloomington Transit made a series of reductions in their services such as fewer buses on routes and cancelling routes this past year, according to four residents downtown.

 “I think if the transportation system was better advertised, there would be more public information about it,” 54-year-old Bloomington resident Pam Eddy said. “It doesn’t seem very frequent or convenient to me,”

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On The Beat – Civic Life

February 21st, 2019


Jan. 30, 2019

Susan M. Brackney, Bloom Magazine

Every minute counts for firefighters when saving lives. To buy extra time, Bloomington Fire Department has provided new in-mask thermal imaging technology. This allows firefighters to get easier images of spaces.

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Bio: Tallie Ammar

Tallie Ammar
Tallie Ammar is a senior at Indiana University majoring in journalism with a concentration in broadcast news. She spends her time working as a Community Manager for The Odyssey at IU, an online media publication. Over the summers, Tallie works as a volunteer at The Sun Sentinel daily newspaper in Fort Lauderdale. She enjoys spending her time reading magazines and newspapers to find inspiration for her own writing and design ideas. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in digital Media Miami or Fort Lauderdale.