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Delivery only models and new food options have changed Bloomington’s late-night dining experience

April 21st, 2021 No comments

Bloomington resident Benjamin VanMeter is ready to indulge in Bloomington’s late-night dining on a Saturday night. But due to the COVID pandemic, he is more likely to buy food at night when delivery is an option. 

“I used to order late-night pizza all the time, but since I can get Asian food or cookies delivered late-night as well I have more to think about when I am hungry at night,” he said. 

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Ken Nunn, from troubled teenager to law firm legend

April 1st, 2021 No comments

When Ken Nunn was a child in Jeffersonville, he was only able to feel completely warm while he sat in school, because many of his childhood homes didn’t have heat. More often than not, Nunn ate mayonnaise sandwiches at home.

Much of his time outside of school was spent caring for his little sister, while his mother worked two jobs to support them. His family was evicted from their homes 10 times in 12 years for non-payment of rent.

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Comfort Keepers owner Doug Johnson provides at-home care for senior citizens in Bloomington

April 1st, 2021 No comments

Doug Johnson sits confidently in his office at Comfort Keepers with art and ribbons hanging behind him. The antique art creates a contrast between the crisp first place award ribbons. He is alert, his hair freshly cut, his large, framed glasses resting on his nose. His phone rings multiple times, which is expected from a business owner of this scale.  

In 2008, Johnson opened the home health care business in Bloomington. The community was embracing of home care as an alternative to institutional care and he passionately cared about it. He believes that senior citizens thrive and live longer when taken care of in the comfort of their home. Comfort Keepers in Bloomington has had steady growth for 13 years. 

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IU students’ civic habits have changed since the pandemic, voting and shopping from home.

March 11th, 2021 No comments

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected some of the most normal routines, such as shopping and voting, according to three IU students interviewed at Teter Quad and Memorial Stadium. 

What’s happening: Vaccines are being introduced across Indiana, cases are dropping in Monroe County and local businesses are lifting restrictions on capacity and indoor activities. However, some routines have been permanently altered. 

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On the Beat – Business & Finance

February 25th, 2021 No comments


Feb. 9, 2021

 Jim Tankersley, Michael D. Shear and Emily Cochrane, New York Times

 On Tuesday President Biden urged business leaders to back his proposed $1.9 trillion economic aid package which includes a $15 minimum wage. Biden hosted a group consisting of executives from JP Morgan Chase, Gap Inc. and Walmart.

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