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Bloomington economy slowly recovering from COVID-19

Wes Allen, a bartender at Social Cantina and senior at IU, is feeling optimistic about the Bloomington economy picking up as the end of the pandemic draws nearer. Establishments like Social Cantina have yet to see the amount of business they were getting prior to the pandemic but as the weather gets nicer and students start to get vaccines, all of that is slowly changing.

“The last three weeks have been really great for business at Social,” he said. “Since they made the announcement that everyone 16 plus could get the vaccine, we’ve been pretty much packed to the capacity we can legally hold every night.”

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Ken Nunn, from troubled teenager to law firm legend

April 1st, 2021 No comments

When Ken Nunn was a child in Jeffersonville, he was only able to feel completely warm while he sat in school, because many of his childhood homes didn’t have heat. More often than not, Nunn ate mayonnaise sandwiches at home.

Much of his time outside of school was spent caring for his little sister, while his mother worked two jobs to support them. His family was evicted from their homes 10 times in 12 years for non-payment of rent.

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Alex Crowley’s unique path landed him the role of Director of Economic and Sustainable Development

After being sent out to Bloomington from New York by Insight Communications to do field work, Alex Crowley, the current Director of Economic and Sustainable Development in Bloomington, was finally enjoying his work. At 37 he got the call to come back to New York but was able to convince corporate to let him stay in Bloomington, a place that he would end up calling home. After another 12 years of remote work in Bloomington, Crowley ended up working with the city.

“There were a couple times where I picked location over job,” he said. “I made the decision early on that as long as the people were interesting it didn’t really matter what I was doing.”

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Reporting during COVID-19 pandemic is flat out hard

Reporting during a pandemic has been a challenging and unrewarding experience. My time reporting during COVID-19 has proved to be beyond difficult and incredibly frustrating.

Once COVID-19 hit last March, there was an onslaught of negativity brought into the news, not only on what was being reported on but on a growing distrust boiled over between those working in the media and its viewers.

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Concern building about graduating and finding work for IU students

A growing concern is building among IU students, about entering a world where the labor economy is so uncertain and finding work has never been more difficult, that were interviewed at the Showalter Fountain on Feb. 25th.

Why it matters: COVID-19 has meant consistent uncertainty and future IU graduates are wary of the potential consequences of not being able to find the full-time employment they’d desire.  

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On the Beat – Labor & Economy

February 25th, 2021 No comments


 Feb. 11, 2021  

Ben White, Politico   

Climbing gas prices and financial markets are linked to a recent surge in consumer spending but there are underlying issues. Vaccinations could take longer than expected and could push a fall into the market. 

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