IU NewsNet 12/1/22

IU basketball is on fire, and fans wait hours in the cold and rain for a ticket..but what happened to the women’s team in Vegas, didn’t stay in Vegas.
We’ll tell you why their venue sparked a national conversation.
You can’t drive 65 on I-69 for much of the way. We’ll tell you when the nearly decade-long construction between Bloomington and Indy will end.
IU gets a big opioid research grant, another fraternity faces sanctions once again, and political views now have singles swiping left or right. Join anchors Jessica Walter, Samantha Condra and Audrey Hausberger on sports for the final IU NewsNet of the semester.


The Increase of Sports Betting


This past Thanksgiving, the New York Giants faced off against the Dallas Cowboys in the most televised regular season game in NFL history. With 1:46 remaining on the game clock, Dallas missed a 46-yard field goal, keeping the score at 28-13. For many fans, at this point, the game is practically over, but for others, it is just now starting to get exciting.