IU NewsNet 3/10/2022

There’s a new development in IU NewsNet’s investigation in the record number of sexual assaults on campus. As the number since August hits 49, the mother of an IU student steps forward with a post about her daughter.  An IU student living in Ukraine tells her story of hitting the road in an effort to save her life. The rain flooded students at Wilke with more than midterms. We’ll tell you why some students say they need to move out.  IU students call for action from the university in the fight against climate change.  Masks are no longer required on the IU campus. We’ll tell you why one group of students plans to keep them on.The IU women get set for March Madness while the IU men make a last ditch effort to make the big show.  Join anchors Jessica Walter, Audrey Hausberger and Griffin Epstein on sports for IU NewsNet.