IU NewsNet 4/14/2022

The graduate worker strike is on, and both sides draw a line in the sand. But what does the stop work action mean for undergraduate students in the final weeks of the semester and for seniors about to graduate? We have team coverage.
Our repeated attempts to get IU’s first female president to sit down with us  about the record number of sexual assaults on campus ends in an odd exchange, but she does address anti-semitism and climate change for the first time all semester.
IU’s top COVID doctor says it’s creating a mental health issue across campus. We show you how the mental strain is affecting both students and staff inside the classroom. How do you turn plastic grocery bags and pop tops into fashion? We’ll show you. And, Indiana women’s basketball star Ali Patberg is staying in Indiana after she was drafted by the Indiana Fever!
Join anchors Brianna Ballog and Jessica Walter, with Griffin Epstein on sports for our 100% student-run newscast.