IU NewsNet 9/15/2022

On the first IU NewsNet of the semester, we’ll take you to a vigil as one of the most stringent anti-abortion laws in the country takes effect in Indiana. We’ll tell you whether the new law affects the morning-after pill, now given for free at the IU Health Center.
Our investigation with the Arnolt Center looks into sexual assault reports since the semester began, and how they compare to the record number of sexual assaults a year ago. The man accused in the death of a 20-year old Media School student goes to court. We get answers to why Bloomington tap water tastes so moldy, and when it will improve. In sports, we have IU Football, soccer and sneak peek at the big basketball matchups for the Hoosiers
Join anchors Audrey Hausberger, Katherine Patterson and Samantha Condra on sports for our 100% student-produced IU NewsNet.