Job Hunt in Pandemic

IU Undergradaute and Graduate Commencement Ceremony is under a month away, and the job hunt is on!

The ceremony is in person following CDC guidelines, including wearing masks, but guests are not allowed. It will be recorded virtually for all guests of students.

Similarly, job fairs and career events have been virtual. Indiana University will continue to update their information to guide students in finding their career path.

But for some, finding a job during the pandemic is still downright daunting.

I talked to IU senior, Hannah Zaremba, who searched for a job all year. She just secured a role as an account management intern for BBDO in New York.

She talked about how stressful the process was when she started applying for jobs during the pandemic. Zaremba started searching and applying months ago, but feels the pandemic made the process even more challenging because of the uncertainty of positions and whether or not businesses were even hiring.

I also spoke to two IU alumni who graduated last year.

Michael Tilka, IU Class of 2020. Tilka is now a news reporter at KWQC in Davenport, Iowa.

For those who Graduated from IU last year, they applied and searched for jobs shortly after coronavirus cases rapidly increased in the United States.

Students searched for jobs as unemployment increased and jobs were not secure. Some professionals compared and contrasted these trying time to the Great Recession in 2008.


Allison Zeithammer, IU Class of 2020. Zeithammer is now a news reporter at ABC57 in South Bend, Indiana.

For more information, resources, and/or help, head to IU’s Career Development Site.