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Coronavirus is changing everything.

The spread of coronavirus is a public health emergency that has drastically altered our every day lives. Whether it’s your retirement investments, your exercise routine or the way your kids are educated, many of our day-to-day activities are evolving.

IU experts are here to help you make sense of it all. “On Topic with IU: COVID-19” is a podcast that shares advice on how to adapt in the time of coronavirus.

Talking museums with Dr. David Brenneman

Dr. David Brenneman joins the program to talk about the upcoming re-opening of Indiana University’s famed Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, how the museum industry is fairing in the economic crunch and what you might expect to see the next time you visit your favorite galleries.

And if you’re eager to see beautiful works before you can go in person, Brenneman talks a bit about their Collections Online.

Running political campaigns and election expectations with Matthew Baggetta

The coronavirus is changing a summer, and the upcoming fall season, of political campaigns. Traditional big rallies aren’t taking place. Many large events that often feature campaign events on the side, or get out the vote drives, are postponed or canceled. Door-to-door electioneering may be impacted as well. Dr. Matthew Baggetta of the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs joins us to talk about local election strategies, messaging and what’s to come as we look ahead in the campaign calendar.

He also describes the current mail-in ballot process for Hoosiers. There are several key steps Indiana residents will have to pay careful attention to, if they’re hoping to vote-by-mail. He walks us through the timeline.

Discussing not-for-profits with Jamie Levine Daniel

Thinking about adding volunteerism back into your schedule? Wondering how your favorite not-for-profits are holding up in a struggling economy?

We talked with Jamie Levine Daniel of IUPUI about how that sector is faring, how you can chip in and more.

The O’Neill School of Public And Environmental Affairs professor talks about some agencies are trying innovative approaches, the resources available to them and more.


“On-Topic with IU: COVID-19” is produced by The Media School and IU Studios, and is available on Apple Podcasts and wherever else you find podcasts.

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