Coronavirus is changing everything.

The spread of coronavirus is a public health emergency that has drastically altered our every day lives. Whether it’s your retirement investments, your exercise routine or the way your kids are educated, many of our day-to-day activities are evolving.

IU experts are here to help you make sense of it all. “On Topic with IU: COVID-19” is a podcast that shares advice on how to adapt in the time of coronavirus.

Discussing the performing arts with Linda Pisano

Linda Pisano is the Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance department’s chairperson, and a professor of costume design. She talked with us about how the shutdown is impacting the performing arts, classroom instruction and the people that create all of those wonderful shows.

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She gives us tips on where you can find some great productions online while the theaters are dark, and how we can all support the arts going forward.

Growing things at home, with Kaylie Scherer

With more time at home and uncertainty in grocery stores, many of us are planning and planting gardens. In this episode, Hilltop Garden manager Kaylie Scherer talks with host Emily Miles about how to get started at home or in a community plot.

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Scherer talks about community plots, container gardening and, for beginners, she shares some of the best delicious and beautiful things to grow.

Reopening updates with IUPUI epidemiologist Tom Duszynski

What have scientists learned about Covid-19 in the last few weeks? How are we doing at bending the curve of confirmed cases? What are the possibilities of states having to return to quarantine orders, and what should people consider for themselves as we look to re-open?

Tom Duszynski is an epidemiologist, and the epidemiology education director of the Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI in Indianapolis, we asked him those questions and more.

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Also, keep washing your hands, and maintain your social distance. Duszynski says those remain some of our best defenses against spreading Covid-19. We’re all #INThisTogether.


“On-Topic with IU: COVID-19” is produced by The Media School and IU Studios, and is available on Apple Podcasts and wherever else you find podcasts.

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