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From the COVID-19 pandemic, to social issues, economic concerns, education challenges, and some of the pressing global issues of the day, IU experts are helping us make sense of the rapidly moving world. “On Topic with IU” is a podcast that shares the expertise, insight and advice of the scholars and professionals from across the Indiana University system.

Cognitive function as we age, with Dr. Adam Roth

Dr. Adam Roth is part of a research team studying the relationships between cognitive decline and the personal, face-to-face networks people enjoy. There remain many uncertainties to explore in this growing area of research, but Roth says the data suggests greater diversity of our social networks serve us well as we age. Listen to this conversation to get more insights from the department of sociology research fellow and member of the Indiana University Network Science Institute.

Read Do subjective or objective cognitive measures better predict social network type among older adults?.

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Public Trust in Science, with doctoral student Tessa Benson-Greenwald

Social psychology doctoral student Tessa Benson-Greenwald joins us to discuss new research examining the perception of motives of scientists.

She talks about her team’s new study, the risk we face when public trust in science ebbs, how the general public perceives the work of scientists, and also Young Frankenstein.

Read her latest study here.

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The experiences of rural HIV care providers

The challenges that patients and care providers face are different in rural areas. Christopher Owens, a recent graduate of Indiana University’s School of Public Health, talks about some of his research into the experiences of professionals working in HIV care. This is fascinating work and, if you’ve never considered rural health care providers before, this will give you some insight into their unique perspective. Give this a listen.

Read The Lived Experiences of Rural HIV Social Workers.

Owens co-authors on this qualitative research are Eva Voorheis, Harold D. Green, Debby Herbenick and Brian Dodge from the School of Public Health at Indiana University, Jessica N. Lester, from the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology, School of Education at IU, and Randolph D. Hubach from Purdue University.


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