Ep. 24: Nancy Wexler, Geneticist

This week, we’ll hear from Nancy Wexler, a leading geneticist and neuropsychologist whose research led to the identification of the Huntington’s disease gene. Her research has also led to the discovery of the genes responsible for familial Alzheimer’s disease, kidney cancer, two types of neurofibromatosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and dwarfism. In spring 2016, Wexler received the inaugural Hermann J. Muller Award, which is named for a renowned geneticist, a Nobel Laureate, a social activist and an esteemed IU Bloomington faculty member (1945-67). The Muller award and lecture series recognizes luminary international geneticists whose discoveries, like Muller’s, have or are making a significant impact on the field of genetics and society.