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Ep. 81: Educating on climate change with PBS' Nova producers

In episode 81, Dean Shanahan speaks to Paula Apsell and Doug Hamilton—producers of PBS’s critically acclaimed science series Nova—about the show's climate change programming and learning how to educate their audiences on the facts.

Ep. 80: Gina McCarthy on the future of the EPA and our planet

In ep. 80, Dean Shanahan speaks to Gina McCarthy, who served as administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from 2013 to 2017.

Ep. 77: Cybersecurity and the challenges of staying safe online in 2018

In episode 77, Janae Cummings speaks to Dan Calarco, chief of staff for IU's vice president for information technology, and Von Welch, director of IU's Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research. The trio discuss cybersecurity, two-factor login, and the challenges of staying safe online.

Ep. 57: Discussing the 2017 Solar Eclipse with Dr Caty Pilachowski

In episode 57, we chat with Dr. Caty Pilachowski, Professor and the Kirkwood Chair in Astronomy at Indiana University Bloomington, about the 2017 solar eclipse and IU's CelestFest event

Ep. 55: Meat the future with David Kay

In episode 55, we talk to David Kay of Memphis Meats, a California-based company working to change the way meat gets to your plate by producing real meat from lab-grown animal cells.

Ep. 54: Making, Innovating, and Learning in IU's Makerspace

Episode 54 features a discussion with Adam Maltese and grad student Joey Huang about "the MILL," a creative space at IU Bloomington for tinkering, crafting, prototyping, and exploring creative solutions to pedagogical problems.

Ep. 45: Modern love, dating & Singles in America with Justin Garcia

In episode 45, we speak to Dr. Justin Garcia, associate director for research & education at the Kinsey Institute and Ruth N. Halls Assistant Professor of Gender Studies at Indiana University. Dr. Garcia talks about a new era of modern love and dating and technology's role in it, as well as Match.com's Singles in America survey.

Ep. 42: Linda Smith and the study of learning in human children and machines

Jim Shanahan speaks to Linda Smith, Distinguished Professor and Chancellor’s Professor of psychological and brain sciences in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences. Professor Smith is leading "Learning: Brains, Machines, and Children," which is Indiana University's first Emerging Areas Research Initiative.

Ep. 38: A post-election discussion on the rise of Twitter bots

IU Professor Filippo Menczer joins Jim and Janae in the studio to discuss one of the election season's hottest topics—the rise of Twitter bots.

Ep. 33: Nicole Martins on the effects of mass media on children

Through the Gates host and Dean of the Media School Jim Shanahan speaks with Associate Professor Nicole Martins about her work on the effects of media on children. The conversation reveals some of the ways gender, body image, and interpersonal violence are impacted by media use.

Ep. 31: Jess Tompkins on women in gaming

Through the Gates host Janae Cummings talks to Jess Tompkins, IU Media School PhD student, about women in gaming and the sexualization of female characters in video games. She later chats with IU School of Public Health's Carrie Docherty and Healthy IU's Steven Lalevich about IU's Sleep Walk awareness event.

Ep. 24: Nancy Wexler, Geneticist

This week, we’ll hear from Nancy Wexler, a leading geneticist and neuropsychologist whose research led to the identification of the Huntington’s disease gene. Her research has also led to the discovery of the genes responsible for familial Alzheimer’s disease, kidney cancer, two types of neurofibromatosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and dwarfism. In spring 2016, Wexler received the inaugural Hermann J. Muller Award, which is named for a renowned geneticist, a Nobel Laureate, a social activist and an esteemed IU Bloomington faculty member (1945-67). The Muller award and lecture series recognizes luminary international geneticists whose discoveries, like Muller’s, have or are making a significant impact on the field of genetics and society.

Ep. 22: Matt Bochman, molecular biologist

Water. Hops. Malted barley. Yeast. Put them together and you have a delicious beer — usually. But as IU molecular biologist Matthew Bochman shares on this week’s podcast, conditions common to the production of certain craft beers can sometimes inhibit their production, risking a growing segment of a nearly $55 billion industry. On this week's episode of Through the Gates, Bochman explains how yeast is used to produce beer and how his research has helped one local brewery improve their product.

Ep. 18: Trevor Douglas, IU chemistry professor; Dana Johnson, author

This week, Through the Gates host Jim Shanahan is joined by Trevor Douglas, the Earl Blough Professor of Chemistry in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Chemistry. Douglas is part of a research team working toward a material that may eventually fuel cheap, efficient cars that run on water — work being funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The team has created an efficient biomaterial that catalyzes the formation of hydrogen — one half of the “holy grail” of splitting H2O. Also on this episode, we’ll hear from California-based author Dana Johnson, an associate professor of English at the University of Southern California, who talks about her writing process and reads an excerpt from one of her novels. Johnson will be in town next week as a faculty member at the annual IU Writers’ Conference (June 4-8).

Ep. 17: Sue Carter, Director, Kinsey Institute

This week, host Jim Shanahan is joined by Sue Carter, the director of The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. Carter was appointed to her position at The Kinsey Institute in October, 2014, after a long career in the field of neuroendocrinology. Carter has spent much of her recent career studying the consequences of birth intervention, particularly how the hormone oxytocin affects the health of both mothers and their newborn children. In this interview, Carter will discuss her career, including research on the mating habits of the prairie vole, the present and historical challenges of sex research and the immediate future of The Kinsey Institute. Also on this episode, Colin Allen, a faculty member in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine in the College of Arts and Sciences, talks about National Bike to Work Week, from May 16 to 20. May is National Bike Month.

Ep. 5: Women in IT at IU

Media School Dean James Shanahan talks with Maureen Biggers (pictured), director of the Center of Excellence for Women in Technology at IU, and Laurie Burns McRobbie, IU's first lady who helped establish CEWiT.