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KAMPALA, UGANDA — Joseph Kawesi is a transgender woman living in a country where being so potentially carries a penalty of over 10 years in prison. Although Ugandan government policies on other controversial issues like refugee asylum and HIV treatment/activism are among the most progressive in Africa, Kawesi said the LGBTQ community there suffers from […]
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ARUA, UGANDA — Less than a year after its official opening in August 2016, the Bidi Bidi encampment in the Yumbe district of Uganda became the largest refugee settlement in the world. Main roads, health centers and base camps there are flooded with displaced South Sudanese. As far as the eye can see, little, white […]
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By Erica Gibson & Victor Grössling KAMPALA, UGANDA — Sex is easy to buy in Uganda. Although prostitution is illegal, the Ugandan government estimates that at least 54,000 women engage in sex work in Kampala alone. Women work in every neighborhood, catering to a variety of clients. Sex work is a negotiation for livable wages, […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — The TASO Drama Group was founded in 1991. The performers are all people living positively with HIV. The group focuses on community HIV prevention and encourages people to seek treatment. They have performed for thousands for communities that include fisherfolk, sex workers and truck drivers. In June, the group danced for President Yoweri […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — Daisy Nakato is  the founder and executive director of the Women’s Organisation Network for Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA), a non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting the rights of sex workers in Uganda. The interview has been edited for length and clarity. EG: I saw on the WONETHA website, there was a quote that […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — Futuma has been raising her grandchildren for the past twenty years and has been HIV-positive for the last sixteen. Two of her oldest grandchildren have recently begun taking on more responsibilities at home. They are inspired by her strength and work ethic, but recognize that grandma is getting old. Click the play button […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA – In Uganda, it is illegal to be gay. It is illegal to trade sex for money. And it is hard to be HIV-positive. Meet a woman who is all three. Click on the first photo to view a photo story about a woman named Joseph. See additional reporting about Joseph here.
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — Sexism in Ugandan society begins early and effects women throughout their lives. The consequences of inequality are a less-developed society, according to Prosper Byonanebye of Uganda Network on Law Ethics and HIV/AIDS (UGANET). “For a school assignment, my daughter was asked who the head of her household was. She wrote, ‘mother’ and […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA – Urine streams down his leg, but no one is startled. It’s a common side effect of his condition. Today, five-year-old Kamulisi Onyakol is quiet. His mother Nakasa Lakeeri attributes this to her son’s hunger. Lunch, one of three meals provided by the hostel, is just around the corner. Onyakol and Lakeeri have […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA —Reverend Gideon Byamugisha of Uganda has been a leading voice in HIV/AIDS prevention since 1992 when he became the first religious leader in Africa to publicly disclose his own HIV-positive status. In the early 2000s he founded the Friends of Canon Gideon Foundation (FOCAGIFO), a non-governmental organization that aims to reduce the vulnerability […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — Richard* was diagnosed with HIV in 1990, when he was only 17 years old. When people in his village found out, he faced stigma from the community. “People would say, ‘Nakwia’s son will die in the next three months,” he said. Richard is now the national coordinator of the Positive Men’s Union […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — “When I was pregnant to my daughter, I went to the hospital and they advised counseling and testing,” said Juliet*  as she sat with her hands folded in her lap. The testing was for HIV. She tested positive. Had she been in a hospital that was a part of a pilot program […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA – Half of Uganda’s population is under 15 years old and they are particularly vulnerable to the HIV epidemic. Fortunately, young people are empowered to take control of their sexual health because Ugandan nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) offer livelihood projects and education initiatives focused on HIV prevention. Young Ugandans (ages 0 to 24 years) […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — Women have two options when their period arrives. They can spend an entire month’s income on a box of sanitary pads, or they can stay home and bleed. For many girls, bleeding is the more realistic option. On average, a box of pads costs about 3,500 Ugandan shillings. A week of menstruation […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — Uganda is a land of many cultures and sometimes the spoken and unspoken cultural dynamics lead to conflict, according to Gabriel Amori of Uganda Network of Religious Leaders living with or personally affected by AIDS (UNERELA+). Some persistent cultural practices actually promote the spread of HIV/AIDS, he said. “For example, it is […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — Health care in the United States is  expensive and is often un-affordable for people without health insurance. Health care in Uganda is similarly expensive. But health insurance in Uganda is even less common than here. Instead, Ugandans are typically referred to organizations or institutions to receive necessary treatment and, if they have […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA – Young women are not the only ones in Uganda searching for financial security in the arms of older, richer companions. While the overwhelming majority of cross-generational relationships in Uganda involve a young woman and an older man, young men are also known to engage in sexual relationships with much older women. Such […]
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Fred Fred Ssenga’s daughter died in 2010. Ssenga had been sick and was afraid of what might be wrong with him. When his daughter died, he realize he could no longer wait to be tested for HIV. For testing, he went to the Skin Clinic at Mulago Hospital, the largest hospital in Uganda’s capital city […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — Fatuma Nabalence has buried three of her children who died of AIDS. They left her with seven grandchildren to take care of.  She herself is old now and HIV-positive. Fatuma relies on the assistance of Reach Out, a Catholic charity that cares for the elderly. Reach Out is able to do its work because […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — In May, a Ugandan woman uploaded a video to Facebook that went viral. She was taking drugs at a party. They were antiretrovirals and she was urging her HIV-positive peers to take their medicines properly, even while they were enjoying life. Sarah Aporo, an HIV-positive 22-year-old decided to share her experience taking […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — On a warm Tuesday morning cups of hot tea and milk are passed out to nearly 100 clients sitting outside of an office at Mulago hospital, the largest hospital in Uganda’s capital city. A hospital employee in a dark blue jumpsuit speaks to the crowd in Luganda, the local language. The office […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — Artists from the TASO Drama Group are all HIV-positive and have devoted their talents to ending the epidemic. They use dance, song and drumming to help them overcome sigma by raising awareness of the facts about HIV/AIDS. Click on the first photo for a photo story about HIV-positive artists.
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — Mbowa Mosa, 42, struggles to provide for six children from two marriages. Betty Bigambo*, 52, lives with her mother who is unaware of her secret. Fatuma Nabalence, 62, cares for her seven grandchildren in a three-room house. All three Ugandans are HIV-positive. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that attacks the […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — Every day, Susan Taaka visits HIV-positive clients of Baylor Uganda, a American-based pediatric HIV/AIDS organization. She currently has 45 clients in five divisions though most volunteers have just 10 clients in one division. Home visits usually occur once a month, but clients having trouble adhering to medication or attending clinic visits are […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA – Sarah Kayiwaa shook her hips while President Museveni smiled at her last week at a dance performance following an address at the Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala where he announced a fast truck initiative to end HIV in Uganda by 2030. Sarah could never have imagined such a thing on that day […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA – Nakala Saye lives in a slum behind shops on Entebbe road, the busiest road in Uganda. She wears long dresses with a single black bangle on her left wrist. Her hair is short—only a few centimeters long. Her hands are worn and rough from years of working in farm fields. Her crow […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA – Reverend Gideon Byamugisha had a daunting decision to make — either live in the shadows with his HIV or reveal his status to his congregation and colleagues. He could either use his experience to influence and educate his followers and others or he could keep his status a secret. The Anglican priest […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA – Susan Taaka undoes the Velcro of her shoes and sets them at the entrance of the middle-class Ugandan household before sitting down on the couch across from her client. “My name is Taaka Susan, area community volunteer for this area representing Baylor,” she said in Luganda, the most widely spoken local language […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — Namusisi Allen does not tell her clients she is HIV positive. The men who pay to sleep with her do not need to know, she says. She would lose business. Allen receives antiretroviral therapy and has undetectable levels of the virus in her body, meaning there is a less than four percent […]
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 KAMPALA, UGANDA – Her cancer wounds smell so bad she must sleep alone in a single room. A month ago Brenda Nakisuyi was transferred from Mulago Hospital to the New Hope Children’s Hostel (NHCH), a recovery facility funded by Kindern Eine Chance, an Austrian organization.  The Mulago treatment put her on the path to recovery […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA – Jane Nannono sits in a blue chair on a small patch of land tucked behind Bombo Road in Wandegeya, a neighborhood in the capital city of Uganda. Her upturned eyes are polished with lavender eyeshadow that contrasts the scarlet lipstick swept over her lower lip. Multicolored beads hold up her short hair. […]
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — In Uganda, cross-generational relationships are a way for young women to find economic security in a country where 18 percent of youth aged 15 to 24 are unemployed. (2014 Brookings Institution study) Budding partnerships between young women and men often 30 years their senior are largely imbalanced and unsuccessful, but not always. Jane […]
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MOYO, UGANDA – A crop of newly arrived refugees idle at Palorinya settlement’s reception center, arranged in parallel lines. They have just escaped brutal ethnic violence in South Sudan. They now begin a new journey: making lives for themselves in Uganda’s crowded settlements. Since December 2013, internal conflict in South Sudan, the world’s newest country, has […]
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ARUA, UGANDA — Uganda hosts three resettlement centers in the country’s northern districts at Imvepi in Arua, Bidi Bidi in Yumbe, and Palorinya in Moyo. These settlements primarily cater to South Sudanese refugees fleeing civil war that began in 2013. There are currently more than 1.9 million displaced people from South Sudan, almost half of […]