Author: Amelia Herrick

Amelia Herrick is currently a junior studying journalism with a specialization in photojournalism. Last summer she traveled to Uganda with the Media School, where she interned at the Daily Monitor covering HIV/AIDS. While in Uganda she covered grandmothers, who raise their grandchildren because their parents died of HIV. She currently works with Inside Indiana and IU Communications as a part time photographer. She is also a member of Indiana University Student Foundation and Association of Women in Sports Media. After graduation Amelia plans to move out west and work for a local paper.

Amelia Herrick reports about a “grannie” who raise children her left by parents who died of AIDS.

KAMPALA, UGANDA — Futuma has been raising her grandchildren for the past twenty years and has been HIV-positive for the last sixteen. Two of her oldest grandchildren have recently begun taking on more responsibilities at home. They are inspired by her strength and work ethic, but recognize that grandma is getting old. Click the play button […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA — Fatuma Nabalence has buried three of her children who died of AIDS. They left her with seven grandchildren to take care of.  She herself is old now and HIV-positive. Fatuma relies on the assistance of Reach Out, a Catholic charity that cares for the elderly. Reach Out is able to do its work because […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Nakala Saye lives in a slum behind shops on Entebbe road, the busiest road in Uganda. She wears long dresses with a single black bangle on her left wrist. Her hair is short—only a few centimeters long. Her hands are worn and rough from years of working in farm fields. Her crow […]

Fatuma Nabalence lost three of her five children to AIDS.

After a week of exploring and learning, students are ready to start reporting on people affected by HIV.

Amelia Herrick provided Daily Monitor photo editor Dominic Bukenya a photo of fishermen on Lake Victoria she made while on a class excursion to the Source of the Nile River.

Deborah R. Malac talked about U.S. efforts in Uganda.