Author: Erica Gibson

Erica Gibson is a senior journalism student with a concentration in public and environmental affairs and a minor in international human rights law. She loves international politics and Thai food.

By Erica Gibson & Victor Grössling KAMPALA, UGANDA — Sex is easy to buy in Uganda. Although prostitution is illegal, the Ugandan government estimates that at least 54,000 women engage in sex work in Kampala alone. Women work in every neighborhood, catering to a variety of clients. Sex work is a negotiation for livable wages, […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA — Daisy Nakato is  the founder and executive director of the Women’s Organisation Network for Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA), a non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting the rights of sex workers in Uganda. The interview has been edited for length and clarity. EG: I saw on the WONETHA website, there was a quote that […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA — Namusisi Allen does not tell her clients she is HIV positive. The men who pay to sleep with her do not need to know, she says. She would lose business. Allen receives antiretroviral therapy and has undetectable levels of the virus in her body, meaning there is a less than four percent […]

A boat tour on the Nile reveals fauna and flora of Ugandan riverbank.