Author: Madeline Dippel

I'm Madeline Dippel, or Maddy
I am a senior at Indiana University majoring in Journalism and International Studies with a minor in Arabic. I am currently a freelancer at The Herald Times and the Indiana Daily Student. I have recent international reporting experience through an internship at the Daily Monitor in Kampala, Uganda.
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KAMPALA, UGANDA — “When I was pregnant to my daughter, I went to the hospital and they advised counseling and testing,” said Juliet*  as she sat with her hands folded in her lap. The testing was for HIV. She tested positive. Had she been in a hospital that was a part of a pilot program […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA — Every day, Susan Taaka visits HIV-positive clients of Baylor Uganda, a American-based pediatric HIV/AIDS organization. She currently has 45 clients in five divisions though most volunteers have just 10 clients in one division. Home visits usually occur once a month, but clients having trouble adhering to medication or attending clinic visits are […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Susan Taaka undoes the Velcro of her shoes and sets them at the entrance of the middle-class Ugandan household before sitting down on the couch across from her client. “My name is Taaka Susan, area community volunteer for this area representing Baylor,” she said in Luganda, the most widely spoken local language […]

Two weeks in, Kampala already feels like home.

With the help of NGOs, students will find sources who are willing to talk about their experiences with HIV/AIDS.

Fatherless baby and his mother supported by their community.

Students will use phones to conduct their reporting work in Kampala.

The 9/11 memorial and commemoration of an upcoming AIDS walk prompt insight.