Author: Nadia Ibrahim

Nadia Ibrahim is an approaching graduate at IU Bloomington majoring in Journalism and minoring in Religious Studies and PR/Marketing. Nadia's ideal career would be traveling around the world to write about food/nutrition, culture, religion and politics. In her free time she enjoys spending time outside, reading, cooking, live music and traveling.

KAMPALA, UGANDA —Reverend Gideon Byamugisha of Uganda has been a leading voice in HIV/AIDS prevention since 1992 when he became the first religious leader in Africa to publicly disclose his own HIV-positive status. In the early 2000s he founded the Friends of Canon Gideon Foundation (FOCAGIFO), a non-governmental organization that aims to reduce the vulnerability […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA — In May, a Ugandan woman uploaded a video to Facebook that went viral. She was taking drugs at a party. They were antiretrovirals and she was urging her HIV-positive peers to take their medicines properly, even while they were enjoying life. Sarah Aporo, an HIV-positive 22-year-old decided to share her experience taking […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Reverend Gideon Byamugisha had a daunting decision to make — either live in the shadows with his HIV or reveal his status to his congregation and colleagues. He could either use his experience to influence and educate his followers and others or he could keep his status a secret. The Anglican priest […]

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