Author: Nick Trombola

Nick is a senior journalism student from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He recently returned from an internship at the Daily Monitor in Kampala, Uganda, where he focused on the access of HIV treatment for South Sudanese refugees.

Civil war has displaced more than 2 million people.

KAMPALA, UGANDA — Joseph Kawesi is a transgender woman living in a country where being so potentially carries a penalty of over 10 years in prison. Although Ugandan government policies on other controversial issues like refugee asylum and HIV treatment/activism are among the most progressive in Africa, Kawesi said the LGBTQ community there suffers from […]

ARUA, UGANDA — Less than a year after its official opening in August 2016, the Bidi Bidi encampment in the Yumbe district of Uganda became the largest refugee settlement in the world. Main roads, health centers and base camps there are flooded with displaced South Sudanese. As far as the eye can see, little, white […]

Nick Trombola and Victor Grössling traveled to northern Uganda with Daily Monitor reporter Frederic Musisi for a series of special reports.

Visit to refugee camp, clinic causes apprehension.