Author: Nicole McPheeters

IU graduate with a degree in journalism and gender; specialized in photojournalism. Recently spent a month abroad to report on the HIV/AIDS crisis in Kampala, Uganda. Focused on cross-generational relationships, sex work, transgender living, living positively, and sanitation efforts for young women.

KAMPALA, UGANDA – In Uganda, it is illegal to be gay. It is illegal to trade sex for money. And it is hard to be HIV-positive. Meet a woman who is all three. Click on the first photo to view a photo story about a woman named Joseph. See additional reporting about Joseph here.

KAMPALA, UGANDA — Women have two options when their period arrives. They can spend an entire month’s income on a box of sanitary pads, or they can stay home and bleed. For many girls, bleeding is the more realistic option. On average, a box of pads costs about 3,500 Ugandan shillings. A week of menstruation […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA — In Uganda, cross-generational relationships are a way for young women to find economic security in a country where 18 percent of youth aged 15 to 24 are unemployed. (2014 Brookings Institution study) Budding partnerships between young women and men often 30 years their senior are largely imbalanced and unsuccessful, but not always. Jane […]

Island visit includes a hair-raising experience.

Ugandan climate, food, traffic are visible differences; others are more intangible.