Author: Sophia Raymond

Senior at Indiana University majoring in journalism & public relations.

Sophia Raymond and Nicole McPheeters reported on a young woman whose cross-generational relationship ended in marriage instead of regret.

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Half of Uganda’s population is under 15 years old and they are particularly vulnerable to the HIV epidemic. Fortunately, young people are empowered to take control of their sexual health because Ugandan nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) offer livelihood projects and education initiatives focused on HIV prevention. Young Ugandans (ages 0 to 24 years) […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Young women are not the only ones in Uganda searching for financial security in the arms of older, richer companions. While the overwhelming majority of cross-generational relationships in Uganda involve a young woman and an older man, young men are also known to engage in sexual relationships with much older women. Such […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Jane Nannono sits in a blue chair on a small patch of land tucked behind Bombo Road in Wandegeya, a neighborhood in the capital city of Uganda. Her upturned eyes are polished with lavender eyeshadow that contrasts the scarlet lipstick swept over her lower lip. Multicolored beads hold up her short hair. […]

Sewing, cosmetology lessons encourage independence.

Journey on top of police car proves as exciting as the destination.

Students shake their hips to the Tamena Ibuga, a traditional harvest dance.

Writer Elvis Basudde is living with HIV/AIDS.