Author: Rachel Leffers

Senior at Indiana University, working toward my Bachelor's degree in Media with a concentration in the production and studies of media and cinema.

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Urine streams down his leg, but no one is startled. It’s a common side effect of his condition. Today, five-year-old Kamulisi Onyakol is quiet. His mother Nakasa Lakeeri attributes this to her son’s hunger. Lunch, one of three meals provided by the hostel, is just around the corner. Onyakol and Lakeeri have […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA — Health care in the United States is  expensive and is often un-affordable for people without health insurance. Health care in Uganda is similarly expensive. But health insurance in Uganda is even less common than here. Instead, Ugandans are typically referred to organizations or institutions to receive necessary treatment and, if they have […]

 KAMPALA, UGANDA – Her cancer wounds smell so bad she must sleep alone in a single room. A month ago Brenda Nakisuyi was transferred from Mulago Hospital to the New Hope Children’s Hostel (NHCH), a recovery facility funded by Kindern Eine Chance, an Austrian organization.  The Mulago treatment put her on the path to recovery […]

Students visited Lubiri palace, or the palace of Muwenda Mutebi II.