Author: Yulin Yu

I am Independent Event Producer of Culture and Art, Journalist and Art History student at Indiana University. My future career is to build my own business, which can combine my skills in Journalism and Art History to tell the best story which can provide audience new ways to think about visual culture.

I love working with visual culture a lot. The bicentennial internship is about analysis the landscape of IU campus, and my photo editor position is about how to inspire photographers to tell a story through photography. I’m learning how to edit and select the best photo for a story, and how to take the best story-telling photo. I enjoy the analysis and production of visual culture.

Yulin Yu reports about a group of HIV-positive musicians and dancers who performed for President Museveni.

KAMPALA, UGANDA — The TASO Drama Group was founded in 1991. The performers are all people living positively with HIV. The group focuses on community HIV prevention and encourages people to seek treatment. They have performed for thousands for communities that include fisherfolk, sex workers and truck drivers. In June, the group danced for President Yoweri […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA — Artists from the TASO Drama Group are all HIV-positive and have devoted their talents to ending the epidemic. They use dance, song and drumming to help them overcome sigma by raising awareness of the facts about HIV/AIDS. Click on the first photo for a photo story about HIV-positive artists.

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Sarah Kayiwaa shook her hips while President Museveni smiled at her last week at a dance performance following an address at the Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala where he announced a fast truck initiative to end HIV in Uganda by 2030. Sarah could never have imagined such a thing on that day […]

Yulin Yu worked with Daily Monitor photo editor Dominic Bukenya on a story about vendors setting up shop on railroad tracks.

Yulin Yu worked with Daily Monitor staff photographer Michael Kakumirizi to cover a protest in downtown Kampala.

Children and adults offered warm greetings — and took advantage of photo opps.