Category: Travelogue

Civil war has displaced more than 2 million people.

Game lodge stay leads to unexpected encounter.

Island villagers scrape by on fishing, brick making.

Fatuma Nabalence lost three of her five children to AIDS.

Experience observing poverty changes perspectives.

Two weeks in, Kampala already feels like home.

Sewing, cosmetology lessons encourage independence.

With the help of NGOs, students will find sources who are willing to talk about their experiences with HIV/AIDS.

Island visit includes a hair-raising experience.

Visit to refugee camp, clinic causes apprehension.

Journey on top of police car proves as exciting as the destination.

After a week of exploring and learning, students are ready to start reporting on people affected by HIV.

Momentary panic, canceled interview provide learning experiences.

Even on his sixth visit to Uganda, associate professor Jim Kelly is still learning.

A boat tour on the Nile reveals fauna and flora of Ugandan riverbank.

Students start their first full week of reporting at the Daily Monitor.

Students shake their hips to the Tamena Ibuga, a traditional harvest dance.

Ugandan climate, food, traffic are visible differences; others are more intangible.

Motorcycle-versus-chicken accident, fieldworkers and lush countryside are part of the Ugandan experience

Fatherless baby and his mother supported by their community.

Students tour Uganda National Mosque, the largest mosque in East Africa.

Deborah R. Malac talked about U.S. efforts in Uganda.

Writer Elvis Basudde is living with HIV/AIDS.

Students find a welcoming atmosphere wherever they go.

Students visited Lubiri palace, or the palace of Muwenda Mutebi II.

Two tours and an art show rounded out a full day.

Students will use phones to conduct their reporting work in Kampala.

Children and adults offered warm greetings — and took advantage of photo opps.

The 9/11 memorial and commemoration of an upcoming AIDS walk prompt insight.

The group saw a few sites in the city before heading to Kampala to work.