Rest day preps students for first full week in newsroom

Students show off some of the clothing they bought at a market in Kampala.

After a long first week in Kampala of work and tourism, we had a day of relaxation and adventure.

In the morning, we wandered around the neighborhood exploring stores and restaurants. We met up at a bakery a few steps away from the inn, enjoying croissants, sandwiches and coffee as we talked about the week before us – our first full week in the newsroom.

Last week, we were in the newsroom for only two days, figuring out what stories we wanted to cover. We drove through the slums and other areas, but were not able to explore them. This week, we will go out into the community and talk to people who are HIV positive. I read about the amazing work NGOs do, and now I will meet people who benefit from those services.

We ended our peaceful Sunday with a trip to the craft market. With my debit card finally working, I was ready to find gifts for friends and family. The market was overwhelming, with women calling and pulling us into their shops to look at their goods.

We crisscrossed each other as we ran between stores looking for the best price. By the end of the excursion, we returned to the inn with full hearts and empty wallets.