Author: Lindsey Jackson

Lindsey Jackson is a junior at Indiana University-Bloomington from Michigan City, IN. She has always loved writing and absolutely DESPISED mathematics. She is also really big on long naps, walks along the beach and Mexican and Italian cuisine. She is sort of what you would call a social media addict. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, you name it and she is on it.

Published August 27, 2018 in the Daily Monitor. Story by Lindsey Jackson See this story online at:–Its-role-among-people-living-with-HIV/689846-4730032-jk3g2/index.html

KAMPALA, UGANDA — Septrin is a drug used in antiretroviral therapy, but is not an antiretroviral drug (ARV). ARVs disrupt the reproduction of the HIV virus, whereas Septrin is a combination antibiotic that fights against infections that those living with HIV are vulnerable to until the levels of the virus in their bodies is made […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA — Working as an American journalist in a third world country is an extreme challenge, but not for the reasons you would think. Yes, there were the usual challenges of culture shock, language barriers, and cultural differences. But this journalist’s biggest challenge was doing thorough reporting from within a highly bureaucratic society. That […]

KAMPALA, UGANDA — There has been a shortage of several anti-retroviral drugs and complementary drugs throughout Uganda for the past five months. A drug shortage occurs when all medications stocks have been exhausted, putting HIV patients at risk for from infection. Test and Treat is a universal strategy used to combat the spread of HIV […]

This journey was about learning to persevere through obstacles, senior Lindsey Jackson writes.

Senior Lindsey Jackson orders a custom-made African-style dress.

A walk through the Bakonzo tribe village introduces senior Lindsey Jackson to a different way of life.

While souvenir shopping, senior Lindsey Jackson makes a personal connection with a local saleswoman.

The university sits in the middle of Kampala, Uganda.