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Bourdain didn’t glorify the “otherness,” writes senior Emma Atkinson.

KAMPALA, UGANDA — Working as an American journalist in a third world country is an extreme challenge, but not for the reasons you would think. Yes, there were the usual challenges of culture shock, language barriers, and cultural differences. But this journalist’s biggest challenge was doing thorough reporting from within a highly bureaucratic society. That […]

A nighttime safari drive gives sophomore Lilly St. Angelo a glimpse of nature at work.

This journey was about learning to persevere through obstacles, senior Lindsey Jackson writes.

After a month reporting in Uganda, senior Autumn Schoolman feels like she can do anything.

Junior Christine Stephenson gives advice to future Reporting HIV/AIDS in Africa students.

The United States could learn some lessons from Ugandans, senior Cody Thompson writes.

Sophomore Lilly St. Angelo and the other students have a night out with their Daily Monitor coworkers.

Senior Briana Higgins feels relief and satisfaction upon turning in her final story.

Senior Austin Faulds works through the challenges of wrapping up three weeks’ worth of reporting.

Senior Austin Faulds visits a Ugandan mental health hospital and encounters questions about his role as a journalist rather than a humanitarian.

Senior Emma Atkinson learns a lesson about red tape.

Senior Autumn Schoolman encounters a lively atmosphere on a night bus to Kisoro.

Junior Christine Stephenson feels homesick “in a good way” after she travels with a guest house employee to his hometown.

A group of children welcomes the students to the Rwenzori Mountains and gives senior Briana Higgins a new perspective.

Senior Briana Higgins puts her sign language skills to use to interview a person who is both HIV-positive and deaf.

Senior Cody Thompson spends an evening learning about Ugandan dance and envisioning world peace.

Senior Lindsey Jackson orders a custom-made African-style dress.

To get to a story, senior Cody Thompson’s source leads him through a bustling open marketplace that engages all of his senses.

Sophomore Lilly St. Angelo has learned a lot about daily life in Uganda through the window of a car.

Meeting a group of Ugandan schoolchildren was the highlight of senior Briana Higgins’ visit to the source of the Nile River.

After numerous unanswered calls and unannounced visits, junior Christine Stephenson finally finds a source who who wants to share his story of his life with HIV.

Junior Christine Stephenson appreciates the ways Ugandan traffic makes life interesting.

A walk through the Bakonzo tribe village introduces senior Lindsey Jackson to a different way of life.

A stop in a Kampala slum opens senior Austin Faulds’ eyes to the wealth inequality present in Kampala and worldwide.

Senior Autumn Schoolman is collecting mental snapshots of her time in Uganda.

A weekend offline brought the travelers closer together, writes senior Cody Thompson.

Sophomore Lilly St. Angelo marvels at the caring physicians she’s met through her reporting.

Senior Autumn Schoolman introduces readers to the Banda Inns’ faithful dog Piper.

Junior Christine Stephenson takes an eye-opening hike through a jungle thunderstorm.

While souvenir shopping, senior Lindsey Jackson makes a personal connection with a local saleswoman.

Bad days are easier to take knowing that — in the life of a reporter — no two days are the same, writes senior Emma Atkinson.

Senior Emma Atkinson finds the Kampala community to be more generous and kind than any other population she’s encountered.

An internship at the Daily Monitor is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for sophomore Autumn Schoolman, and she intends to take full advantage of it.

Sophomore Lilly St. Angelo learns ways to work around gaps in technology.

Senior Austin Faulds experiences a real-life version of The Jungle Book.

A connection with a source allowed senior Cody Thompson to focus on his reporting, even when dealing with technical challenges.

The university sits in the middle of Kampala, Uganda.

How access can affect what stories get told.

Standing outside the White House on Friday afternoon, I wondered if what I was seeing was normal. In all the photos I’ve ever seen of 1600 W. Pennsylvania Ave., the street is lined with throngs of people, protestors and tourists alike. I’ve seen people clutching the iron fence that lines the yard, getting as close […]

We were all miserably jet-lagged, yet we were still in absolute amazement.