See you in the clouds


When I go into my elevator to the 24th floor of The Shard every morning, I tend to forget just how high up above the city I work.

London does not have many skyscrapers. In fact, you can probably count the number of skyscrapers on just two hands. I guess that makes me a pretty lucky boy.

The floor I work on is a creative office space owned by TOG. There are a few little offices for private meetings, but the floor is designed for the modern up-and-coming workforce to live in an open and collaborative environment.

Known as one of London’s most inspiring buildings, The Shard is home to many top-tier, world-renowned media organizations and businesses like Al Jazeera and Tiffany & Co. I have networked and had the chance to meet with people in the financial, business, media, fashion and public relations industries just by working at The Shard.

Interning at Verge Magazine UK, I have had the opportunity to partner up with businesses like Samsung and Starbucks for features. Because The Shard has one of the best views in the entire city, I have the perk of being able to take some pretty cool pictures for these photo shoots and sponsorships.

Every day at 15:30, we have an afternoon tea provided to our floor by a different restaurant or famous tea company, thanks to TOG. My favorite is when they bring scones with cream and jams or floral-inspired cakes for the summer season. It always makes for a nice midday break and Instagrammable pictures.

Even on the most hectic of days, in between meetings and interviews, I make it a point to take a moment to look out the panoramic windows and take in the city. For example, today in between my meeting with Dior and interview with Patrón, I made myself a coffee provided to us on the floor, took a seat near the window and just watched the trains depart from London Bridge Station and the commuter boats and yachts sail away.

A little tip from me: Make sure you have a good pair of earplugs for the elevator ride. It helps your ears from popping from the sudden pressure change in height. 

Well, that’s all from me. See you in the clouds!